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Dashboard and API Limited to 1000 users

I just imported about 14,000 users into our production tenant and only 1000 show up at a time both on the dashboard and in the management API. Is there a way to see all of them? Thanks.

The API will only return a maximum of 1000 users for a query. Other users are still accessible by changing the search query or sorting order. If you need to receive more than 1000 users at once, you should use the export endpoint or extension.

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Thanks a lot Thijmen for sharing that knowledge!

Thanks for the help. Is the a good way to get a total count of users who match a query without that 1000 user limit?

For as far as I’m aware, there’s no way to do that with the API… But I might be totally wrong here. We might need an Auth0 engineer to answer that one… @konrad.sopala? :innocent:

I see the Auth0 dashboard uses /stats/total-users to show a user count but I’m not sure if that’s available to use (it isn’t listed in the API docs). If it is available I don’t suppose I can pass a query to it?