Remove 1000 user limitation from search

Feature: Remove the limitation on user search that caps the number of visible users per search to 1000.

Description: The limitation is documented here Retrieve Users with the Get Users Endpoint

There are many forum posts over the years expressing confusion about this. It has a high surprise factor. The UI imposes this same limitation but you would not easily know about it.

The only proposed workaround is to use the Bulk Export tool. While this may work for some cases, it is an async job and not a suitable replacement for API-driven search.

The obvious solution is to use checkpoint pagination, which is already employed to solve this same problem for other endpoints ( see Unable to paginate more than 1000 records when getting user roles)

Use-case: We build B2B software and large enterprise client can have many hundreds of users. When evaluating what new features we can build into our UI for managing users, this basic limitation sticks out as a big red flag. It calls into question why we are using Auth0 in the first place when it restricts our capabilities rather than improving them.

Hey there @cmcgowan thanks for the feedback! Don’t forget to go ahead and upvote this yourself :slight_smile:

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This feels like an arbitrary limit, especially when paging is in place to address large requests. Your only job is to give us access to users stored on your platform. Seems like you should be able to deliver them all in near real time.

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