Roles are available on free plan?

I have a free plan and it appears I can add and assign roles.

But on the plans comparison the free plan does not have roles.

Can this be clarified? Can I depend on roles on the free plan?


Hey there @nunojpg!

Seems correct! I mean I checked our pricing website and it seems that roles are not involved in free tier BUT if you just started your account then you have access to all the features for something like 20 days or so.

I opened this account late 2016, and under Billing I see “Free (Legacy)”. Does this mean I have this features because they were part of my original free plan? But can I rely on using them?

It seems you can :slight_smile: but let me confirm it with appropriate team and get back to you!

It seems indeed that it’s the case. So for now you can use the roles feature. Whether it will be shut down for free users in the future or not, there are no plans for that now but we cannot determine our product plans in long distance

HOWEVER :slight_smile: if we do limit this, given you’re not paying for the feature, you’ll be given time to upgrade to a paid version prior to any account disruption :slight_smile:

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