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I’m working on doing some youtube videos about Auth0, and want to be sure the information I am disseminating is as correct as possible.

I found this past question about whether or not roles are included in the free tier as the pricing indicates they are not.

I’m a bit confused by the answer in the link above because the person asking the question mentioned his free plan was “legacy”. My account is also a couple years old and I am able to access roles. Is this a legacy thing, or is it even for new accounts? I tried signing up for a new account, but it (supposedly) has the extra features for another 22 days, so I can’t test.

Along with the above is the RBAC feature in the API’s included in the free tier after the trial?

My testing shows that not only does RBAC enforce roles but it also enforces permissions added directly to users so that saves some work even if not using roles but instead directly assigning permissions to users.

Finally… from what I’m seeing in the pricing tiers, the free version gets 7,000 external users, but the “developer” plan only gets 1,000 users at the lowest price. Why is there a penalization of 6,000 users for upgrading?

Hey there @dedicatedmanagers and thanks for asking this question!

As directed in our pricing table this feature is not included in the free tier, but users can try it during the trial period. It also does not have a hard limit so free customers can try it but should switch to a paid plan if they are looking to continue using that feature.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply @James.Morrison .

Unfortunately I don’t fully understand your answer… when you say there’s no “hard limit” does that mean that the feature won’t disappear after the 22 day trial?

You didn’t specify whether or not the “Role Management” feature listed in the pricing table includes everything from creating roles to being able to turn on the RBAC feature I linked to above.

Finally, you didn’t answer my question about the free plan having 7,000 users and the lowest paid plan having 1,000 users, which seems like a penalty for upgrading.

Ah sorry about that, I missed those :worried:

We look to be flexible with our users. If this feature is turned on after the free trial we will work with you on timelines to transition to a paid tier.

Role management refers to the ability to create roles and permissions and would be a part of the core authorization feature.

We offer a generous free tier to give teams and developers ample room to experiment and grow. The paid tiers of Auth0 include additional features that enhance the functionality of the platform (such as the above mentioned role management feature)

I hope this helps paint a more clear picture when it comes to these subjects. Thanks!

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