Role Management Gating Trial vs Free

During my Trial period, I set up my Roles and associated them with my API permissions. I also created Users and put them in these Roles.

Now that I’m in the Free Plan, I can still create roles and users, which surprised me since the feature matrix says ‘Role Management’ is not included. I guess Auth0 is aware of this and their official response is “well, we’ll start charging you for it at some point.

I would like to see something done to clear up the confusion for future people evaluating feasibility and cost.
At a bare minimum it should be easy to put a standardWarning MuiAlert stating In order to take advantage of ..., please consider upgrading your Auth0 subscription on the User Management → Roles page

Hi there @mattrrs and welcome to the community :smile:

This seems like a perfect topic for our Feedback section, so I went ahead and switched the category accordingly - Product keeps a close eye on this and I agree with your sentiment here that it could be more clear. I imagine others members would feel the same!

Thanks again for the feedback, always welcome.

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