Authorization Extension Pricing

It is not clear to me if using this extension is possible in the free tier level.

On the one hand I cannot find any references of incompatibility in the documentation, and I have been able to install it and configure into my application.

On the other hand I can see in the pricing documentation that “Role Management” that redirects you to the documentation of this extensions in only included in the developer tier.

I think this should be answered clearly, as I need to make the decision of implementing it in production.


Hey @jacinto.arias!

I’m on it! Checking with our Sales team to be totally sure. Will get back to you with the info soon!

From my point of knowledge: for old tenant it works as they had role management included but will approve in terms of new tenants once I have info back from our sales team.


Hey @jacinto.arias!

Got a confirmation from our sales team. Per our features at Pricing - Auth0, role management (authorization) is not included for free tenants. You’re welcome to try it but would need an appropriate plan to use it in production.

Hope it helps!

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