Authorization tenants

I’ve been going through this sample auth0-multitenant-website and it mentions under the “Limitations” section that the authorization extension may support tenants as a first class entity. Any idea on the timeline for this?

At the same time, would there be a way to expose the authorization dashboard for admin users of specific tenants? So an admin user for Tenant 1 could use the dashboard to setup roles for their tenant users

In relation to your first question I’m afraid I have no additional information available about the likelihood of something like that being included in the extension or any timeline associated with that possibility.

For your second question, to my knowledge there’s no built-in way to use the authorization dashboard the extension provides in the way you mention. However, the extension provides an API that can be used to manage all the associated data so you could provide a back-end for specific users in your tenants to have some degree of control over their own users.