Personal Dashboard Management Api

I want to create a dashboard of all my tenants along with personal api calls. If I create a new tenant and use the management API is there a way I can access the other tenants? Not sure what the endpoint would be, but surely it’s available right?

Basically I was all logins in same spot and also all api calls using my users tokens. We have several tenants for example one for production, beta, and another for our preorder page.

We are using a new tenant and setting up only the employees in the company to be able to view the dashboard and be able to access that tenant. All help greatly appreciated!

Hey there Stephen!

So it’s not possible to achieve 100% what you are asking for BUT :slight_smile: to accomplish as much of it as possible you need to combine the API endpoints of our Management API. You can find it here:

and also use our Logs feature, which is here:

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