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Allowing each tenant to access his own dashboard


Hi all! We are evaluating Auth0 for a multi-tenant React/Django app. We are using Auth0’s React SDK.

We want to allow our customers to configure their own authentication. Some may want username/password login while others may set up SSO. What is the easiest way to set this up?

IDEA 1 -I thought I’d create a separate Auth0 tenant for each customer and allow each tenant to access his own Auth0 dashboard.

But the Management API doesn’t support creating Auth0 tenants -

IDEA 2 - Create an application for each customer. Then I could configure an unique connection for each application from my management dashboard.

Problem is, the customer would need to send me his credentials for the identity provider (eg, Okta and LDAP for SSO) for me to configure the connection for him. Which isn’t ok for him.