Managing multiple tenants


We are going down the path where every customer of ours will have their own tenant in Auth0. Some challenges that I can foresee us facing are

  1. There is currently no API to create tenants.
  2. If we have hundreds of tenants, how do we get an overview of all the tenants that we own? Currently, it seems that the only way I can see tenants associated to my account is via a drop down box -> Switch Tenant which shows a list with a search box. Again, I am thinking that if there is at least an API, we can build our own UI on top of it.
  3. If we need to remove a tenant, what is the easiest way of doing that? Would we have to Switch tenant -> Go through multiple steps in the Dashboard to delete the tenant?

Would really appreciate any advice and suggestions on how we handle the issues above.


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Hey there @mwc!

Unfortunately it’s pretty much how you described it.

  1. Currently there is no option do create tenants via any of our APIs
  2. It depends on what you mean by overview if you mean tenant settings you can use our Management API for that, here’s the endpoint:!/Tenants/get_settings
    otherwise yep the dashboard and logs feature:
  3. Yes that is correct. Currently there is no other way to do that.

Sorry for the bad news!

Thanks for the prompt reply, Konrad.

Just a couple more questions:

  1. Are there any plans to improve on the API/UI support of tenants?
  2. Does it make a difference if I am on the Enterprise subscription? I believe you can have unlimited tenants if you are on the Enterprise level.


  1. Not ETA on that. However I highly encourage you to place such product feature feedback through our feedback form: . You will be contacted by our product managers within 10 business days.
  2. That is partially correct as we’re speaking programming here :slight_smile: Not unlimited but a big amount :slight_smile:

Will do that. Thanks Konrad!

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Thank you a lot for that!