Sales Question about Tenants

I sent this email to support and was told it was a technical question and they would not provide answers for my sales related question through email.

I want to know the following in order to decide if auth0 is a good solution for us moving forward:

  1. Do you have an API endpoint to create tenants via our own application? For example, we’re thinking of creating a serverless application whcih can be deployed via our own platform. It would be good if we could programatically create a new tenant.

  2. Is there a limit on how many tenants can be added to an auth0 account? What are the costs for a new tenant? I can’t find pricing information on tenants.

  3. Am I correct in thinking that all the identities stored in a “tenant” are silo’ed. For example, if we supply “websites as a service” to our customers, would we have one tenant per website?

I believe these are correct (Auth0 folks will hopefully correct me if I am wrong):

  1. Currently there is no way to create a tenant via API.
  2. I don’t believe there is a limit if you are on a paid account. Possibly this is true only for “Enterprise” customers. I know I create and destroy (non-production) tenants all the time for testing, demos, PoC work etc. Production tenants are priced based on the number of Monthly Active Users in that tenant.
  3. Identities in each tenant are siloed. Of course, if you use social login, your identities reside with the social login providers, not in Auth0.

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