Giving users restricted permissions (extensions only)

Hi, this may be a dumb question but we use an extension (Authorization) to manage user permissions for our application. Right now the only way I can add users to auth0 for my application user management is by giving them full dashboard admin permissions which is obviously undesirable.

Is there a way to create a user on auth0 with restricted permissions to only manage “Authorization” extension and not rest of my auth0 settings etc?

Thanks very much.

Hey there @bharat.singh, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I feel this is a completely valid question, so much so that I can going to craft a FAQ on this to help others in the future!

Right now you have the ability to give our access on a per application basis as discussed here in this Manage Tenant Administrators doc. This means that configuration outside of the selected application’s you’ve selected for the admin to monitor will appear blank.

In the event you would like to see this feature expanded on, please visit and share with us your use case. Each of these submissions on /feedback are read by the product team and help set the tone going forward. Thanks!

Thanks James but that’s not my issue since we have a single tenant set up currently. Within that one tenant we are using your “Authorization” extension for user management. And I want to restrict users to only access that extension vs everything else that an admin can. Makes sense?

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