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Hi everyone, I’m here to get some help about Auth0 Autorization extension.

I’m studying Auth0, I’m going to use in the next project and at that project I will have roles and permissions to control the access inside my application, for example, some Administrator user can do whatever he wants, but the Member user can just access some part of that application. I can use the Auth0 Autorization to help me with that storing, giving me that information inside the token… or is just to help with permissions inside the Auth0.


Hey there!

When it comes to using our Authorization Extension and more precisely it’s Roles part, you can find more info on that in our step by step docs on how it works and how to get it working here:

It’s about the roles/permission in your own app that you created using Auth0 stack not the Auth0 dashboard itself.

Hope it helps!

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Here’s also some helpful knowledge (more technical) on how to achieve that using our Rules and doing it for React app:

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Thank you very much, I was lost in all that documentation, sorry. This helped me a lot.


Glad you are finally able to make it !

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