Need clarity in Roles (RBAC) pricing - free tier

I’ve a free account and I’ve these 2 question:
1 - I saw Roles are not for free account, but i still see i can access and use it. Is it going to ask at some point?
2 - Say I’ve upgraded my account, whats the limit of the number of Roles i can create?


Thank you for posting @ben87 !

Roles availability for our paying customers is related to the Auth0 dashboard access for admins :slight_smile:

In terms of Roles for end-users of your applications (the Authorization Core Role-Based Access Control - RBAC - feature), you can create UP TO 1000 roles per tenant regardless of your subscription plan :cowboy_hat_face:

A bit more on that in this section.

Please let us know if you have any other questions on that!

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