Why only 5 User Roles?


Can someone explain why we can assign only 5 roles to a user ?

Some of our profiles require many distinct roles with unique and sometimes overlapping permissions. 5 roles is not really workable. Some systems are circa 50 roles.


It’s weird though cause our limit for roles assigned per user is exactly 50. Can you share with us more context why adding more roles doesn’t work for you so we can debug it somehow?


If you go to “Dashboard => Users & Roles => Users”
Select a user…
Select Roles…
Click the large cyan button “ASSIGN ROLES”

A pop-up appears…
You get the message “Select roles to assign to this user. You may assign up to 5 roles per user.”
(Despite the fact that the popup title says “Add Permissions”)

I didn’t try to add more, but I was just going on what the message said…

I can confirm this issue, I had it as well this week. (RBAC Core, not the AuthZ extension)

Thanks a lot @paulkiddybytes for reporting that! I’ll make sure to relay that feedback to appropriate team to get it fixed!

@paulkiddybytes can you share with me your tenant name over private message? Thank you!

@konrad.sopala @paulkiddybytes It’s been changed to 50 roles now.

Thanks a lot for sharing that @mathiasconradt!

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