Assign Roles to User via Dashboard when Roles > 50

Feature: Ability to assign roles to users via dashboard when the list contains more than 50 roles.

Description: There is currently no way to to assign roles to users via UI when the tenant contains more than 50 roles. This is because the Assign Roles feature 1) only shows the first 50 roles, listed alphabetically, and 2) does not allow you to search the full list of roles (you can only search those first 50).
This effectively renders the Assign Roles feature useless, and we encounter the following warning when clicking the Assign Roles button in the dashboard user view: There are more roles in the system than can be displayed in this dialog. Please use the Management API to perform this operation.

This could be resolved or alleviated in different ways, including:

  • Ability to view all roles in the dropdown
  • Ability to search via the dropdown for roles that are not contained in the first 50 roles displayed
  • Ability to search for roles in the Roles view
    • The only other dashboard solution is to use the Roles view and assign users there. However, since there is no search functionality, it requires us to manually click through the pages until the right role is found.

Use-case: User works at an agency that has many internal client teams and external clients. User’s company manages internal and external permissions through the Auth0 dashboard, granting access to specific roles so that different user groups can access data for different clients. As the company grows, the number of roles grows to reflect new client wins. However, the agency’s client list is now quite large so there are well over 100 roles, and this is expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Hey there!

Thank you for creating this feedback card. Let’s see who else will be advocating for this improvement!

Hi! Has this been prioritized yet? This is a constant issue for us :frowning:

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Unfortunately not yet as compared to some other feedback items it still doesn’t have enough votes.

Hmm, okay, that’s good to know. Is there a rough target we’d need to hit to get this prioritized? I know it’s not a perfect science, but I’m curious on how far away we are.

There isn’t cause there’s more context to that depending for example on if there are enterprise customers requesting for specific feature etc. but unfortunately I need to say that if you look at other Feedback cards with more votes it’s once again unfortunate as 5 votes that this thread has for now is just the beginning of the journey.

I’m doing my best as a community engineer advocating for all that but if I can’t prove it with data then it doesn’t make sense to the product.

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Thanks, I appreciate it! And this context certainly helps – I’ll see if I can rally the cause a bit to increase the vote count here.

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No problem! As soon as I know something I will let you know!