Assign Roles To Organization Member Doesn't Display All Roles

Feature: Assign role to organization feature in Auth0 does not display all roles


If an auth0 tenant has defined more than 50 roles, then some of the roles are not available for assignment to organization members on the Organization/Members page.


We use a central auth0 tenant to handle authenticaton and authorisation for multiple instances of our application (each of which correponds to an auth0 client). We use the auth0 organization feature to allow us to delegate administration of disjoint sets of users to different organizations which consume one or more instances of our application. If the number of roles per application is R and there are N instances of our application (or N auth0 clients), then the total number of roles we define is R * N. In our case, N*R > 50 and it appears that the drop down used to assign roles to organization members is limited to the first page of 50.

In practice, we can’t delegate the use of the auth0 UI to our client organisations (because the auth0 api doesn’t allow us to restrict which roles are available to which organization) so we need to build our own UI. However, as it stands, we can’t even use the auth0 UI ourselves because it doesn’t allow us to select all the available roles when assigning a role to an organization member.

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