Free plan roles limitation 2021

Hello. We are thinking about migration to Auth0 from local IdentityServer4. Currently, I’m testing a free plan, and in subscription settings for starter subscription users, roles are available. But on the main site page in plan comparison, there are no roles available for a free subscription. So the question is: is it permanently available on my account or it is some kind of trial feature? Thanks for your answers in advance.

Hi @corequatro,

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You may be in your free trial phase, this would allow you to access paid features. This trial phase is automatically started for new tenants and last for 22 days if I remember correctly.

As for the Roles feature, it requires a paid plan. It looks like it is available in any of our paid plans, including the B2C essentials plan which is roughly $20USD/month.

For future users, you can find up to date pricing info here.

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