Reset password not sending email when user is coming from an invitation link

Context: related with this question: Organization Invitation Links Default to the Signup Prompt - 2 but focusing in a specific issue with the reset password link.

These are the steps for this issue:

  • You have an existing user in organisation A
  • That user is invited to join organisation B
  • The user is redirected to \u\signup\invitation
  • In that page, if you go to login you can actually login successfully
  • But if you go to login and try reset password, the user will not receive the link.
  • Please note that, the reset password workflow obviously works correctly if you use it directly (our website->universal login->reset password works).
  • The case when it fails is when you are coming from the invitation (invitation link->our website->universal-login->reset password fails)

Thanks in advance for any clue or guidance with this issue.