Refund request. Couldn't reference custom ssl certificate in custom db scripts

I signed up for the paid plan in order to test out the Custom domains. I assuming incorrectly that this meant I would upload my own certificate to then reference in the custom database scripts to use the certificate to and authenticate against my database server. After speaking with a couple of support folks from sales, they informed me this feature is only available for the enterprise plan.

So I wanted to know if I could apply for a refund? I signed up for the paid account subscription for about 5 minutes before realizing the certificate reference was not going to work.

Have a nice day,

  • Xavid

Hi @xavidram,

To send your request in a way that passes on your tenant info and other details, you can a support ticket

You will need to Login on the top right:

And then click “OPEN TICKET” at the bottom of the page.

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