Custom Database Connection on a Testing/Staging Tenant Free Plan


We’re currently using the Custom Database feature to allow for our application to authenticate user’s credentials against our own database. As I understand it, this requires a subscription to the Professional plan, which we have on our production tenant. However, we also have this feature enabled on a second tenant used for testing changes to the custom scripts that call our API. This testing tenant doesn’t have any paid subscriptions, and a banner shows at the top of the page saying that the feature isn’t included in our current plan, but it still seems to be working. I am confused as to why this is the case.

Given this, I have three questions:

  • Is this functionality in any danger of no longer working on my testing tenant?
  • If a paid subscription is required for using custom database scripts, and subscriptions seem to work on a per-tenant basis, how can any changes made to the custom database scripts be tested?
  • Considering this feature seems to be working on our tenant without a paid subscription, is our paid subscription actually needed at all?

Any clarification would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting @tom.brown !

All tenants without a paid subscription on a trial period can access all the paid features, allowing you to test them.
Another way would be to Link Multiple Tenants to a Single Subscription, this is available for an Enterprise subscription.

Please let us know if you have any questions on that!

Hi @marcelina.barycka, thanks for that, but I think my development tenant still seems to have this functionality despite its trial having run out. Is there a limited number of uses on this feature for free-tier tenants?

You’re welcome @tom.brown !

To get more info on that, would you be open to creating a new test user in your external database and then performing a login? This way we would see if the free Auth0 tenant still performs external calls to your database API.

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