Can I use a personal DB with the free tier account?

I’m currently working on a software project for fun and I plan on hosting it on a server, I wanted to know if I can design my application around my own Database or if I have to work around and use the “username-password-authentication” database. Right now I’m in my free trial so I’m not too sure what the restrictions will be when it’s over.

Hi @gr8t1,

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I understand that you have questions about using a Custom Database with your Free tier Auth0 tenant.

First, have you taken a look at the Auth0 Pricing page? It includes a breakdown of what features are included in the Free tier compared to others.

Now, regarding Custom Databases, unfortunately, this feature is not available to Free tier tenants. Meaning that you need to use a Database Connection in Auth0 for authentication such as “Username-Password-Authentication”.

In the event that you have existing users in your current database and would like them to migrate over to the Auth0 database without registering again, you can import these users using:

  1. Bulk user imports or
  2. Import/Export Extension

Both features are available to Free tier Auth0 tenants.

Hoped this helps! Please let me know if there are any questions.

Thank you.

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