Custom DB not connecting from auth0

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Query 1:
I am trying to connect my local database with auth0 using custom database connection but it is not allowing me to connect it. I have even revisited the firewall changes and also I have exposed my machine using ngrok. But still auth0 custom database connection is not working. Could you please help me on this. Thanks.

Query 2:
So when we go for pricing with auth0 and we plan to host auth0 in our private VPC and Database also lies on the same network. In that case, do we still need to do these firewall changes in our server ? Kindly clarify on the same. Thanks.


Please make your that your database is accessible.
Generate access token and pass it into the header and trigger management api /api/v2/user
Install the extension real-time webtask log to view the actual issues.
Make sure you have written the correct script within the auth0

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