How do you connect a Custom API with a Connection?

If you create a Custom API in Auth0, how do you connect it with a Connection? We have a Database Connection already I want to know how to make it available to a new Custom API.

I feel there is something basic I am missing here. Thanks.

Hey @chris.robertson, I wanted to reach out and find out more about your current setup. What stack are you using? What is the goal with the custom api? What database are you leveraging? I also included a helpful docs that reference using databases with our product. Please let me know if you have any questions I can help with. Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out!

We are a secure email company with Gmail and Outlook email addons.

We have an MVC 5 Web Api project that provides REST style Api to these plugins. We do all our authentication with you, that is the users are stored in an Application we have with you. The email plugins all have a login link which goes to your hosted login page to get an id token. Then we include this token in all the email plugin Ajax requests to our Api project so we can validate the token and identify the user.

This has been working well for quite some time.

However, we have a new requirement that we provide a documented REST Api that can be consumed by 3rd parties.

I want to do it the right way so I am thinking of creating a new Auth0 Api in my tenant. But what is an Auth0 Api and what does it do in your system? This is my main question.

Let’s assume I add a “get token” REST Api endpoint to our application. What would the login and token use flow look like if it interacted with this new Auth0 Api? Assume that out existing Auth0 Application (with our users) has enabled Machine-to-Machine communication with the new Auth0 Api or done whatever else it needs to do.


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