API and database connection


I new to auth0 and I need help in understanding the structure of it.
I see that there is a “Database” and “API” on the dashboard. But I can’t see any information stored inside the database or API endpoints inside API.
From my understanding, is the data inside the database the same as users? Or is it something else and I just can find them?
And how is the API call the database? How are these two connected??

If anyone knows, please help me.

Hi @byulnim,

I’d recommend reading through our introductory documentation here: https://auth0.com/docs/getting-started

The Database option on the dashboard is one of the Connection types, connections are different ways to authenticate users. The users section will show all users on your tenant, and these users could be from many different connections that you have enabled.

The API section is for allowing you to represent an external resource, such as your backend, to allow Auth0 to generate a token ready for consumption by your own APIs, as well as configuring the permissions your API would expect (and thus allowing your users to request those permissions/scopes.)

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