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Question/suggestion for turning off a connection's "custom database"



After reading the doc above, I had some questions/suggestions regarding custom database connections

  1. The process for disabling “use my own database” could be much easier. Instead of copying a no-op return into each of the custom scripts, it would be ideal if the toggle for disabling “use my own database” actually worked and did this for us.

  2. I’m very confused/curious about the statement “You will also want to keep Import Users to Auth0 (on the Settings page) enabled.” After setting no-op statements in the login/get_user scripts, why does the “import users to auth0” setting play any role in a user authenticating who’s credentials have already been imported to auth0’s data store? Indeed, turning off this option results in users unable to login, but the user’s credentials have already been migrated to auth0.



“bump”…is that allowed here? :slight_smile:


I don’t have answers … just adding some noise hoping this gets some attention. Great questions that I would like the answers to as well. I would have assumed the process for disabling custom DB user migration would be to just undo what you did to enable it.