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Certificate upload for custom domain



Currently we are using auth0 free plan for Oauth2.0 purposes. We wanted to switch to using the custom domain feature of Auth0 which I understand is a part of paid plans, which we are fine with.

But before moving to a paid plan for utilizing the custom domain feature, we wanted to check whether you have a user interface which helps us to update the certificate to prove that the domain name is verified. We keep on changing our certificates and prefer to control the certificate related to our domain and hence would prefer an option from where in we can upload the certificates ourselves rather than sending it over via other means to Auth0 and waiting for those certificates to be applied.

Also if such an interface exists(interface to upload our certificate), then would it possible to give us a trial run for a couple of days of that interface before we move to the paid plan?

Awaiting an early response as our product is already in the market in trial phase and we are looking forward to move to the paid plan and use a custom domain.

Thanks in advace.



The custom domains functionality can use one of two approaches for certificate management (; one where the certificate is managed by Auth0 so your custom domain would have a certificate that would not be managed by you and the other where you could manage the certificate yourself (this second option is only available for enterprise subscriptions).

Have in mind that with the first option only the certificate for the custom domain would be managed by the service; your top-level domain would still use the certificates managed by you.