Custom Domains on Developer Pro

Hello Guys

Could you please help us with the follow questions

We are using Developer Pro, which has a Custom Domain feature included on it, following the pricing page on Auth0 site.

Even though it is available, we are unable to customize our domain because on documentation, the information is different. Please take a look on that print:

Could you please help us ?


Hey there @jean.streleski!

I’m not fully aware of what’s the difference between custom domain and custom domain with self managed certificates but looking at the doc in terms of the pricing and the feature it seems like Custom Domains are indeed included in Developer Pro tier but as the with self managed certificates part being highlighted I think the latter ones might be available only in Enterprise.

Does that make sense or do you want me to confirm it internally?

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for your answer.

Your understanding is right, but my point here is that there is an error on information available to new customer like us.

This feature is quite important to us. Find out that sittuation later is quite frustating and even unfair. As a customer, we hope that this misundertading could be solved releasing that feature on developer plan too, on the same way that is described on offer page.


oooh gotchya! Thanks a lot for claryfying this one!

I’ll make sure to relay it to appropriate team and get it fixed!

HI Konrad!

Thank you for your help.

Do you have any updates for me?

As this feature is very important to us, we need to take an action quickly.


Hey there @jean.streleski!

I just sent you a DM as it’s a more individual kind of case.

Let’s continue it there!