Custom domain hosted page


I was wondering if there is any chance to enable having my auth0 domain to be accessed through my own domain name.

I already configured Cloudflare to point my desired domain to but I’m getting the following error with its certificate:

This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

I understand this could be an expensive decision to have custom domains as new certificates would be needed. My suggestion is that you give the chance to do this to the customer at his own expense.

In our case, possibly similar to others, it is very important to us to show a compelling experience through our own brand and services regardless of any third party service used underneath like auth0.

BTW, I figured I could have the same code as in the custom hosted page section in one of my own domain page, which I needed to decode and manually include the @@config@@ parameter to make it work but CORs issues are evident as it needs everything to be running under domain.

Could you please consider this and help me achieve a more robust experience?

Thanks a lot in advance.

This is indeed something that we are aware and tracking. Can you just copy paste this content and create it as an idea in the section. That way it will be clear it’s something currently not available and will allow other people to demonstrate their interest. (I’m asking instead of doing it myself because I can’t move a question to the idea space without loosing the original author so it’s best if you do it)

Was this reposted as an idea?

I don’t think this exact post was reposted as an idea, probably because this other one already existed

It was posted as an idea here: