Trouble Verifying Domain

I’ve been trying to verify my domain in order to add a custom domain, and even though I’ve got some experience messing with CNAMES and such, this is really flummoxing me. In the DNS record, it wants a host, a record type, and data. In the attached screenshot, what goes where? I assume record type is CNAME and data is the long string ending in “”? Does the domain go in host? No combination I try seems to result in success.


Hi! Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

So, in “domain” you should enter the desired Custom Domain + your host, for example: “”, and then, in Cloudflare (in this example), you would enter the domain-to-be and the CNAME record which is the CNAME content there.

Please, let us know if you have further questions.

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Thanks for helping on that front Karen!

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