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Querying / filtering results via Bulk User Export API job



Hi All,

As I understand it using the ‘List or Search Users’ in the management API to get details of users based on search criteria will only return a maximum of 1000 users (returning max 100 a page for max 10 pages), and the ‘Export Users’ job will need to be called if more than 1000 results can be returned.

My question is, can the Lucence syntax (or any other means of querying) be used with this second method? Use case is to retrieve user profiles that have been created or updated within a certain timeframe (with other fields possibly queried such as email_verified).


Hi @alistair.marshall,

Unfortunately, you can’t use the query syntax with the jobs endpoint. You will need to run the job, download the results, and process it yourself.

The resulting file isn’t quite a normal JSON file (I think … not a JSON expert). It is not a list object like you would get from a query against the users endpoint. Instead, each user is single JSON formatted string on a line.

Also, by default the export job will not export any data from user_metadata or app_metadata. If you want metadata, you need to include that in the export job input file explicitly.


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