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Export User Limit



Is there a cap on exporting user data via management API? I’m trying to export user and because of errors, I had to redo it. After retrying it seems the API becomes unresponsive. In the last try, after adding 27 users, it just stopped.


In the last try, after adding 27 users…

Do you mean 27 users were exported? Can you see any log entries for the export? How many users do you have in Auth0?


There is no cap in exporting user data via Management API. If you’re using the list users endpoint then you may need to use multiple requests if the number of users is greater than what’s allowed to be returned in a single response.

Also have in mind that although there is no limit on the amount of users that can be exported, there are however, rate limits on the amount of requests that can be performed against the Management API.

The following documentation may be relevant to what you’re trying to achieve:

If the provided reference information is not enough then update your question and clarify your exact situation starting with providing information for the questions posted in this comment.