Is there a way to get number of users, filtering by a specific user_metadata field?

Actually the question is in the topic name.
From what I’ve seen googling around: it looks like the only way to achieve what I need is to export all users from Auth0 using the export job and then do what I need with the users data.
Because the user list API functionality is limiting search by 1000 users and even include_total doesn’t give number higher then 1000.

Am I missing something?
Please advise.

Hello @ilya.zatolokin,

You can get such a list for up to 10,000 users using the Import/Export Extension. Same search syntax as the /users endpoint, but you need to manually specify which attributes you want returned, and there is no way to save your searches.

  • <= 1,000 users: query the /users endpoint directly
  • > 1,000 and <= 10,000: use the Import/Export Extension
  • > 10,000: use the /jobs endpoint to export selected attributes for your entire user database

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