Private Cloud - User Cannot Accept a Tenant Member Invitation

Problem statement

A user cannot accept a tenant member invitation to the private cloud tenant.


  • From the Auth0 side

    • Add the user to the config tenant.
    • If no SSO integration has been set up for tenant members yet in the private cloud, any new admins/tenant members must be manually created by Auth0 before they can be added to tenants.
  • From the Tenant Admin side

    • Log in to the Auth0 dashboard for the private cloud. (
    • Switch to the desired tenant.
    • Click “Invite a Member” in the top left dropdown.
    • Assign desired permissions and send an invite.
  • From the User side

    • Go to the private cloud login page (
    • Enter the email
    • Request a password reset email by clicking the “Forgot password?” link.
    • Set a new password by clicking the link in the password reset email.
    • Accept the tenant admin invite link in the email.

A tenant creation screen may appear when the user is not part of any tenant. It’s the same in both public and private clouds.