Pricing concerns

I find it highly odd that the base subscription that’s not free has a lower number of monthly active users than the free plan.
Thoughts on this?

Hey there!

Based on our pricing page actually the paying (developer) tier has a higher number:

According to the page below, I can pay you nothing and have 7000 active users or pay you $23/month and have 1000 active users.

Put another way, you can pay $0 for 7,000 MUAs, or you can pay $23/m for 1,000 MUAs plus additional features like RBAC, custom domains, etc., or you can pay $160/m for 7,000 MUAs plus those same additional features. That said, I kind of agree with you that Developer Pro should simply “pick up where Developer ends off”. I’d suggest providing feedback to Auth0.


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