Several questions about users (amount, pricing etc.)

Hi, I have several questions about users. I couldn’t find any answers about these question so I am asking them here:

  1. Is there any limit of registered users per plan? What about unverified users is there any limit?
  2. Free active users adds up with regular active users on developers plan? I am asking because on free plan there is 7k active users but on developer plan we have 1k regular active users. Can we move users between these plans?
  3. What happens after reaching limit of quota? Additional users can log in freely or we are blocked? I read one topic that someone from your company is going to connect with customer via phone with better plan.

Hi @krzysztof.stepniak,

This article mentions how our active user vs registered user pricing works, but yes we price based on active users.

The total number of active users included in the developer plan is 1k. It does not include the 7k from the free plan. This is because the developer plan is meant to provide a more full-featured experience, with limited user count. This includes things like unlimited social providers, access to the dedicated support team, custom domains, etc.

As far as I understand the active user limit, it is not a hard limit that will block authentication or automatically upgrade your account. I think you are correct that you will be contacted. Our intent is to provide a scalable product and that would mean allowing your user count to grow.

All of these questions will be answered best by contacting the sales team. I would recommend scheduling a meeting or sending them a message.

Thanks for reaching out with your questions,

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