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Confused about pricing and "number of users"


When i looked at the upgrade subscription page today i became kind of confused. It says i can i have as many users as i liked but i still need to choose how many users i want to have, i don’t follow. Can anyone explain?


Hey there @olaj

I agree it’s a bit confusing. Let mi discuss it with the team to confirm it and thank you a lot for the feedback!

Will get back soon with the info!


It is poorly worded / displayed, but it means you pay by the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs), not by the number of people in your user identity repositories. You could have 1,000,000 people in your database, but if only 1 person (on average) logs in to your service per month, you only pay for one MAU.

There is no limit on the number of MAUs, but you pay for a specific number. If your MAUs consistently go beyond what you are paying for, you would need to update your contract to cover the overage.

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Confirming what @markd said, that is correct.

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