How are active user overages handled?

Can anyone elaborate on how MAU overages are handled? Our userbase has grown substantially in the last 24 hours and we expect more today. We need more than the 10,000 MAU max available to sign up for on the website. We’ve reached out to support and sales in every channel possible, but given that it’s saturday we don’t expect a timely response.

Can anyone elaborate on whether Auth0 will cut off our access if we exceed 10k heavily, or will they simply bill us for an overage?

Hi @amongmany , welcome to the Auth0 Community.

We do not “hard cap” MAUs so you can use beyond your 10k limit. I believe you will see a notification in your dashboard and possibly be sent emails about the overage. We also would reach out if this remained over quota for a couple of months or so.
It sounds like you have already done the corrective steps and reached out to our support and sales who can help you further with the next steps, I’m sure you’ll hear from the team soon.

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Thank you. It would be massively helpful if you explained this somewhere (like via a link in the critical overage alert email).

We’ll make sure to relay that feedback to appropriate team. Thank you!

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