Auth0 Quota Exceeded

Problem statement

The administrators have received email notifications about the limits being exceeded for MAUs, M2M tokens, or other features like Pro MFA and Enterprise Connections. What happens with the service when the limits for the subscription are exceeded?


The quota utilization shows that the subscription limits were exceeded.


Some reasons why the quotas are exceeded:

  • Seasonal increase of Active users.
  • Implementation/coding errors leading to an excessive amount of M2M tokens being requested.
  • Inadvertently activate features not included in the subscription plan.


Auth0 does not impose hard limits on MAUs or M2M tokens for customers under a paid subscription. This way, we ensure that the service won’t be affected even if the tenant exceeds the limits for the subscription.

Auth0 quota is calculated by averaging the usage of the last three months. If this average is under the limit, the tenant is not considered to be over quota. As a result, the tenant can surpass the limits in certain months but still be considered within their quota range.

If the limits are exceeded for three consecutive months, the tenant admins will be notified via email about this situation and asked to upgrade the subscription.

Eventually, if the subscription isn’t updated accordingly, the system will make an automatic upgrade to fit the tenant’s usage; however, this only applies to Self-service plans.

This also applies to other features shown on the quota utilization page. If these exceed the values indicated in their reports for three months, the tenant’s admins will be notified that they must update their subscription plan.