How are MAUs calculated under the new Teams structure?

I have a very basic question about how MAUs for the purpose of pricing are calculated for accounts that are created after the new Auth0 Teams feature launch, where we can have 1-2 production tenants and several dev tenants. Is the MAU figure only counting logins for applications under the production tenant, ignoring logins under dev tenants?

Our daily staging CI/CD tests (which would certainly be running on a dev Auth0 tenant) involve hundreds of UI tests, each one starts with creating a brand new random user and doing various things with it. At the conclusion of each test, the random user gets deleted. I was worried that if these user logins under a dev tenant counted against the MAU, that would artificially blow up the figure by many thousands each month.

Thank you for posting this question @timtylin !

I’m checking it and will be back soon.

Hi again @timtylin !

For a free subscription, the limit of MAU is calculated per tenant, as the pricing page shows: up to 7,500 active users.

For other subscription plans, a custom tier is available, and contacting the sales team would be best to know what’s available.

In the past, in the case of enterprise agreements, customers paid only for the prod tenant, while all other tenants had access to the production features and relevant limits.

Most likely that’s still the case, however, to get up-to-date information for your specific subscription or agreement, the sales team would be best to contact.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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