Understanding Monthly Active Users


Problem statement

How are Monthly Active Users (MAU) calculated? Is it per tenant, per application, per authentication method, or per all of them?

For example, if a tenant has 100,000 active users who actively use at least 3 authentication methods (email, passwordless, SMS+email) and 10 applications during the month, how much is the MAU for that particular month?

A. 100,000
B. 100,000 x 3 auth methods = 300,000 or
C. 100,00 x 3 auth methods x 10 clients = 3,000,000


The Monthly Active Users report in Reports > Quota Utilization reflects the number of users that have authenticated at least once with any connection in a calendar month (log in or refresh their token). The number of logins is not counted but rather the active usage. A user is considered active in a given month if they have generated a log of user activity with its user_id. In this case, the A option would be the correct scenario if the identities are linked within the same user profile. If each identity is in its own user profile, then it would count as B; they will have different user IDs, and therefore, they will count as different active users.

More information about Account Linking can be found here: User Account Linking.

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