How Monthly Active User works with login denied users

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I just need some help to understand what is actually called “login” in MAU.

We’re adding support for SAML authentication with Auth0 (our application is Service Provider in this case). I think all people having the specified IdP accounts can pass Auth0 authentication, however, don’t want all of them to login to our application, only people registered to our service should be logged in instead.

After looking at the docs, we’ve found out that we could do that limitation with Actions as it provides api.access.deny to deny some user logins. Although we’re denying the user with specific email address, we see that an account is created on User Management page.
So my question is: When the user access is denied with Actions, does the login still count as Monthly Active User? I reckon it doesn’t because there’s a " Failed Login" event in the user history but not “Success Login”. I need to make sure of this since it could be important to our finance.

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This is answered here:

Let me know if you have questions.

Hello @dan.woda!

Thank you so much for your answer! I just want to make sure that a user with only “Login Failed” events are not counted as login and therefore not an MAU?

Monthly Active Users are counted as users who log in or refresh their token during the given month.

This would indicate a user who failed to log in would not count.

Thank you! I’m glad it works that way.

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