Do deleted users count towards Monthly Active Users?

I’m working on an app where all users have to create an Auth0 account with their phone number, even if just interested to check out the app without fully using it. This leads to a large number of “zombie” Auth0 users who just tried the app once but will never log in anymore.

In order not to exceed my quota on Monthly Active Users, can I delete users whom I know for sure will not use the app anymore?

Very interesting topic.
In my opinion, I would like to suggest these solutions by using API,

  1. Search User with the criterial with last_login & logins_count : Auth0 Management API v2
  2. Delete User by ID : Auth0 Management API v2

Hope it can help

Thank you very much, phong.pham. That would be a good way to find and delete the type of users that I want :+1:

However, my question is more to know if deleting users would reduce the amount of Monthly Active Users. Do you know if the amount of Monthly Active Users would decrease by deleting users?

Thanks a lot,

To be honest, my application has not yet reached the MAU threshold of the plan I subscribed, so I don’t dare say anything in advance. :sweat_smile:
One thing I can see is that when we delete a user account, we cannot look it up again on the Database, and the Database is the only visibility where we can manage our MAU.
Auth0 has a very transparent policy, so I believe that the MAU will be shown transparently here as well.

That is my personal opinion, I will follow up this topic & wait for official advice from Auth0

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