Tracking Monthly Active Users for a client ID

My company is looking at issuing third party access to our API, and need a way to track Monthly Active Users (MAU) for billing purposes.

Having a search of the forum, it seems like the only way to do this on a per client basis is to analysis the logs (after piping them to another log server like Cloud Watch, Splunk, etc). However some of the posts are a bit old now, so I’m wondering if there’s a new way to track MAUs within Auth0.

The new Activity tool that is being rolled out looks like the place where such a feature would go, however it doesn’t have what I need at the moment. Is something like MAU tracking in the roadmap?

Hey there!

Let me reach out to our product team and ask about it.

Hey there!

Got a response from the team, they’re planning to add such feature in 2022

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