More Analytics - Monthly Active Users (Unique) and Unique Daily Active Users

We are trying to net out our team data from our user logins.

Is there a way to calculate monthly active users minus our team members?

We are having trouble managing this data.

Trying to understand how many times a month users come back to use our tech as well.

Hi @alexbottom,

I would suggest exporting your logs to a 3rd party service. I use Sumo Logic, but Auth0 supports many such services. Services like Sumo offer longer data retention than Auth0 does natively, and they typically have very powerful query languages with which you can answer your questions. Reports, dashboard, metrics and alerts are all easily built with these 3rd party offerings.


thank you we will look into this but if it is expensive we are still a start up and keep saas expenditures down.

Just my opinion, but I think Sumo is very attractively priced. If I remember correctly, the starter level of service includes 1GB of logs per day and 30 days of retention for about $1K USD per year. Last year we upgraded to the ~$4K USD per year option which includes 3GB of logs per day and 390 days of retention.

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thanks for that we have another ticket open here: if you have any advice would be appreciated.

We have worked with new LoanBuddy customer on supporting their efforts to login to our software.
Customer Account
They created an account, unable to view verification email per spam filter.
Their IT department has whitelisted the account.
We deleted the user and she tried to log in again.
Same issue, please send any FAQ associated with this issue so it can be provided to their IT department.
Also is there a way to manually verify an email.
Additionally we have had this issue come up with 2 other customers and having to constantly whitelist is not a good process.

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