What is meant my Monthly Active Users for Auth0?

I have an app with login/signup feature and would like to add Auth0 as 2FA. I would like to know what exactly does MAU mean when you say $23 pricing for 1000 MAU. Does it mean users who has activated and using MFA service in my app or complete MAU of my app itself whether they are using the service or not?

Hi @amit.kabra

According to our Pricing page it’s actually 10.000 External MAU for the 23$ pricing.

MAU (Monthly Active Users) is the number of unique users who have logged in through Auth0 at least once in the month, not the total amount of users. Users who haven’t logged in during the current month are not counted.


Hi @sylvainf
Thank you for the quick reply. So if I have 100000 users who sign-in into my app with my custom method and only 5000 users use the 2FA service provided by Auth0. Will I be charged for those 5000 successful authentications only?

Hi @amit.kabra ,

If your custom method doesn’t involve Auth0 connections, no.

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Hi @sylvainf

Thanks again! So just to finally clarify, if I integrate 2FA with Auth0, I only get charged for the 2FA authenticated users and not for the total MAU that I have in the app right?


I understood that the non 2FA users were going through your own Auth system (not Auth0), so they couldn’t be counted against your Auth0 license. If I have misunderstood this part, maybe it would help if you clarified your architecture.

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We are planning on implementing 2FA after user logs in with our system if user has opted for one. Say that out of 1000000 MAU, only 20000 users opted this service with Auth0. Auth0 will charge for the total MAU or just the users who opted for it i.e 20000? Just want to know the price here so that I do not go out of the budget.

Thanks for clarifying. As I see it there’s 3 situations:

-Users who log in through Auth0 and who log in at least once during the month: these are counted against your MAU, regardless of if they have 2FA or not.
-Users who log in through Auth0 but don’t log in even once during the month: these are not counted towards your MAU. You’re not licensed on total stored users but on Monthly Active Users.
-Users who log in through your own system, without Auth0: these cannot be counted against your MAU since we don’t know about them.

I think it would be beneficial to have a quick chat with our Sales team if further clarification is needed. You should see a “Talk to Sales” link in the top right corner here with a small form to fill out and they will call you back.


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