Trying to understand MAU (Monthly Active Users) pricing

I’m trying to understand how MAU is calculated.

Is it per tenant or per application or per authentication method, or per all of them.
From what I was able to understand, if you have 100,000 active users who actively use at least 3 authentication methods (email, passwordless sms+email) and 10 applications during the month, then how much is the MAU for that particular month:
a. 100,000
b. 100,000 x 3 auth methods = 300,000 or
c. 100,00 x 3 auth methods x 10 clients = 3,000,000

Which one is it?

Hello, @evisar! Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

Monthly Active Users are counted as users who log in or refresh their token during the given month. In this case, A would be the correct scenario if the identities are linked within the same user profile. If each identity is in its own user profile, then, it would count as B. You can find more about Account Linking here:

Hopefully this helps!

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