Developer Pro plan numbers make no sense

Hello everyone,

Looking over the various plans Auth0 offers I am very puzzled. I assume I am misunderstanding what the numbers mean, so any help in this direction will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s take for example the Developer Pro plan:

  • Monthly External Active Users: 100 - 7000+
  • Monthly Machine to Machine tokens: 1000 - 500,000+

It sounds like “External Active Users” refers to users of my system who log into my system at least once a month. If someone logs into my website or app then this person is counted as a user for that month? But looking at the numbers this cannot be the case - the number of users can be arbitrarily large (100,000s is not uncommon), so the numbers seem like orders of magnitude off.

The situation is even more confusing when it comes to Machine to Machine tokens. Are these the total number of tokens generated in a month? Say I have 20,000 external clients (apps, servers, etc) calling my API, and tokens expire every hour. This means in a month there will be about 14 - 15 million tokens generated. But again this number can be arbitrarily large, even more so than the number of users.

It makes no sense to me to price per user or per token - companies have very diverse needs and can have an arbitrary number of active users or API calls etc.

Again, I believe I am misunderstanding something, so any comments or input from community would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Iulian7,

Welcome to the Community. A Monthly Active User is any user who logs in, in a given month. The specific user does not matter. You could have 1,000,000 registered users, but if only 100 log in in any given month, you pay for 100 MUAs. This is a pretty common pricing metric for SaaS services like Auth0.

Depending on your chosen options, the Dev Pro account caps out at 7,000 MUAs, that is, 7,000 unique individuals logging in one or more times in a month. It doesn’t matter which 7,000 users log in.

For M2M tokens, I think you have the right interpretation but keep in mind these are M2M access tokens only (e.g, an API calling an API with no user token present). Typically an app / client will use the user’s own access tokens for accessing an API, and this use case is covered by the MUAs above.

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Yep that’s how it works!

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