Machine to machine token pricing

Trying to wrap my head around machine to machine token pricing.

I have a Developer pro account and added machine to machine, which the first tier is 5,000 tokens. I have one API that does a very specific thing, and isn’t user specific, but want to lock it down from unauthorized clients only. So, I secured the API, generated my access token for the client and and added it to the request.

Does this just count as one access token of the 5000? Or does it request a new token on each authorization? My plan is to just use this access token in all apps. Just want to make sure I have this straight :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey there @rev23dev!

I believe it requests a new token on each authorization but let me confirm it.


Maybe kind of a dumb question, but I assume M2M is a per-month quota as well (the screen shot above is from the active user quota)?


Yep it’s per month but as I attached the monthly cost depends on number of issued tokens.

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