Machine-to-Machine tokens for the management API

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I plan to use Auth0 authentication for my startup. Therefore, I need to call the Management API from the backend. Right now, I’m trying to find out if we can use the developer plan for our product. I already checked older topics and found this one: Pricing plans allowing management API . Nicolas answered, that tokens for the management API doesn’t count into the total amount of machine-to-machine tokens.

However, the machine-to-machine application assigned to the management API tells me, that I’m only able to use 1000 tokens per month. I attached a screenshot showing this.

So my question is, if these tokens are still excluded from the total amount of machine-to-machine tokens?

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Samuel Gassauer!


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Hi @gassauer.samuel,

This should still be accurate. I think this is a general warning, not specific to the application settings. If you find that these tokens are being counted in your quotas let us know and we can look further into it.


Thank you for the helpful answer @dan.woda !

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Samuel Gassauer

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No problem! I’m happy to help

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